Trinity used for other mmorpgs...

Trinity Core is described as being an ‘open source MMO platform’, but it seems to be heavily and rather blatantly designed solely for use with one game in particular. There is little attempt, if any, to make the core particularly modular (e.g. so the WoW-specific parts could be easily dropped or replaced). My question is, just how flexible is the core in reality? If I had, for example, a client for a different game that sent/received different opcodes but which was, in general terms, the same style of game as WoW, how monstrous a task would it be to get TC serving it?

It was not built for different games. Full stop.

You might be able to re-use some components but that will be pretty hard to do, a lot of stuff is very intertwined.

Apologies for the false branding under “MMORPG framework” but that’s not what it is, unfortunately.