TrinityCore 6.x source

As title says, has it been dropped?

I cant find them anymore.

6.x/7.x = branch master (7.1.5)

yep, master branch is 7.1.5

Where can I find the old trinity warlords of draenor source ?

Thanks !

A question : Why did the team remove those sources from the original TrinityCore repository ? Even if you stopped working on them.

Anyway guys keep up the good work ! I just tested the Legion core and it is awesome ! But it would be much better if you would stop a little bit focusing on the retail version and start making the cata->legion quests, instances…

Removed? Everything is on 3.3.5, 4.3.4, 6.x and now 7.x

WOD 624

comit > 498725f = bug connexion