TrinityCore 7.x client issues

Dear Devs and Users!

My TrinityCore server finally runs smooth and without any huge errors only some with the db, but thats would be fixed soon.

So, I downloaded the amster, cmake compile, and now running.
Tryied to connect with 7.1.5 client, didnt worked, so, I switched to 7.2.5 client.

The 7.2.5 client downlaoded from:

The client now connecting to my server, without any issues, Im able to create characters, and loggin to play, but I met a frustrating issue, my client got ONLY 15-20 fps on EVERY settings, however my PC can handle 200+ (on my battlenet client (7.3.0), runs with 214 fps without any laggs on Ultra Hight settings.

Someone omaybe met with this issue, and can help me out.
Where do you guys downloaded your client to connect to your TC 7.x server?
How can I fix this FPS issues?

I think i tried everything what i can, to fix this silly problem, but nothing changed at all… I really waiting for your kind answers and help!

Thank you so much, regards:

I know there is currently no easy way to obtain an official 7.2.5 client but do not download clients from untrusted sources.

I’m afraid this has nothing related to TrinityCore.

I actually run official client 7.2.5 in an Intel CPU core i5 3330, GPU Nvidia 750 and 8Gb of Ram an it fly with all setting full, I’m sure it’s a problem of your client.

I’ve seen it mentioned elsewhere that the wowmortal client / launcher has a Bitcoin miner within it.

This could potentially be eating CPU cycles and showing the drop in performance you are experiencing here.

To be clear, you are suggesting that the wowmortal software (launcher/downloader) does this, not the wow client they are providing. Right?

It’s the client.

I’m using this client also.You can try to block it with firewall and make it use only the local network.

This is a modified version of 7.2.5 and that is why you are having issues with fps you need to not use the client from them, and the feed is also tearing it down when it goes looking for the realm so please use another version.