Trinitycore 8.2.0/31478 / TDB 820.19071 player_levelstats issue

Hi everyone!

I compiled from source Trinitycore 8.2.0/31478 and TDB 820.19071, and connect with client

I had a problem with basic attributes when gatering levels… I compare stats with official server on the same patch

I had much less stats when i played in official server, example:



Druid Night Elf

LVL1: 17/20

LVL2: 18/22

LVL3: 20/24

LVL4: 21/26

LVL5: 22/28


LVL1: 11/24

LVL2: 12/25

LVL3: 12/26

LVL4: 13/27

LVL5: 13/27

What come the difference in TC an official realms ?