trinitycore branches uses and differences

i am new to wow and trinitycore. trying to get a high-level overview of trinitycore. looks like they have two branches - 3.3.5 and 6.x. presuming the branches coorispond to the wow client version you are running? can’t seem to find a simple breakdown of how it all works. is branch v3 easier to configure than v6? i got v6 working on a fedora box, but this newest patch 6.2.4 blew it up. getting that version mismatch error. not looking for support, just an overview. a link would work.

3.3.5 is for the wotlk client yes. 3.3.5 12340 client version.
and 6.x is for relatiely new wod client.

Take a look at [](
to know what wod client version is supported. Look at the main post and most recent replies.

okay i gotcha. thanks for the quick response. do you know if there is a way to stop the wow client from updating? my wow.exe and wow_patched.exe files keep downloading the newest versions, or erroring out if i set up a proxy server and modify the hosts file. maybe i need to go back to a rather old version?

Branches/versions are described in

An updated patcher now prevents client updates by default (previous way was to use -e when calling the patcher).