TrinityCore-DBGUI is a new project in the works that will incorporate a user-friendly graphical user interface, with an extremely powerful back end.

This will support TrinityCore databases, for management including backing up, adding, removing, searching data, along with a rich graphical user interface for AI Scripting.

I will be working closeley with Discovered to develop one of the best AI Scripting environments incorporated into this project that TrinityCore has seen.

This project is also open source, so if I die/disappear/get hit by a bus/lose an eye yadda yadda, the project will not die.

Please by all means check out the project homepage, download the current version (however it is NOT all that useful yet, only been working on it for a small amount of time).

The project is written in C#.Net. I would like to take as many suggestions as I possibly can while working on this project to ensure it continues to aim in the right direction, while satisfying all project specifications and requirements.

Our website is -

Our repo and download links are on this page.


anthonym [[email protected]]

I support this project. Great going anthonym! =)

Looking good!

Can’t wait to test it out once its fully finished :3