Trinitycore rev. @ Trinity .zip achive download?


I always downloaded Trinity Core as a .ZIP archive and never had a need of anything else but it always bugged me not to have the actual revision data.

Why is the revision data not shown using the zip archives for the T-Core? Is there a way to manually add these revison numbers?


Because Zip file does not contain .git, the only way to get revision is use git.

And there is no way to set up one manually?

No documentation on the internal format of that .git file? Probably just a text file containing some date and rev. numbers?

Ahm… why don’t you simply use Git? Updating is a simple git pull command…

I’m using Windows for surfing, as far as I understand it I have to install some kind of a Git software? I don’t want to install anything here like GitHubSetup.exe. Maybe there is a portable version of that git software?

I have a Raspi3 @ remotedesktop running I can use that for the git pull instead?

sudo apt-get install git-core   <- install git ?

then 1. clone of the repository:

git clone git:// ← not sure which url here, probably you have to add infos as to which Branch: 3.3.5 to use?

then for update:

change to the git directory and use “git pull”

Will that get me version information file?

And apart from that, is there any good reason why the zip archive doesn’t contain a version file. Is this just a missing github feature or is there a good reason why not?

The archive is not supposed to have any of that info. We take the version from Git, if you don’t have it then that info is not available.

You can get Git for Windows from, there are portable versions available.

I’m not sure how you play to use the RPi3, it cannot compile TC.

I thought I copy that git clone directory over to the gaming PC together with that missing version info.

So you say that the version information is somewhere hidden in Git software and can’t be copied over? But that info must be somewhere local on the pi!?

I did that git clone and now I got also that .git directory which is missing in the Zip archives. Is that the one I would need for the version infos for cmake? OMG that directory is 375MB large , is that the only reason why they exclude that from the zip archive?

CMake runs the [FONT=courier new]git[/FONT] command to get the version info, existence of the .git directory is not enough on its own.

Ah, thanks very much Nay finally I understand.

The version infos are generated by the git software in the order of cmake. So if I would now install a portable git software on my gaming PC I could generate it.

Is there an easy way for pointing Cmake to the portable git software? Probably the FindGit.cmake macro?

Simply add the /bin folder of the Git install to PATH.

You mean in CMake “GIT_EXECUTEABLE” add the path to “/bin” ?

The Link above from you to the portable git version PortableGit-2.7.4-64-bit.7z.exe gave a big surprise Microsoft Security Essentials(definition updated today)



I currently make an upload to virustotal for the PortableGit-2.7.4-64-bit.7z.exe and the Opcode.dll for further infos.

looking good for the whole .exe but that unarchived Opcode.dll … have to figure out how to upload that alone unpacked.

Ok the Opcode.dll also seems to be fine:

so a false positive thx MSE for waisting my time!

Tank you so much Nay, version shown in CMake and generating done without errors will trying a compile the other days.

Have a nice Easter holidays!