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Hello here is my litle project - website for trinitycore. Im tired from buged websites (need alot touches to make it to work) so i decide to make my own /emoticons/default_smile.png. For now is only design. ofc some stuff work’s.

Main page is loading slow when your realm is offline cuz of check’s , when realm is on loading is good.

This website is driven from database. Every menu and item + link is stored to database. So after that i can modify is easy. (add new menu item/remove menu item etc)

Register page is maked by Jordy Thery from Jeutes Blizzlike Repak.

Other stuff’s are mine /emoticons/default_smile.png

install is simple

  • import TABLES/database.sql in your trinitycore database

  • make sure you have account (in mysql) root with pass ascent

  • to make it work you need apache 2.4 webserver and latest php version

and done.

update :

  • new menu (with some effects)

  • armory - show chosen title (untill now was only debug mesage with title id - dont work for custom titles)

  • population status (count alliance/horde)

  • mailbox + in game mailbox(read only)

  • money - show you amount of gold in all characters for this account

  • profile page (access by click on your profile name - top-right corner)

  • in game staff - shows gamemasters online

  • item shop - work (for now direct by database, in future with soap)

  • news (home page and news menager)

  • counter for active tickets in game ( futore - read,close tickets)

  • registration page work

To do

  • admin controll panel (ACP) is only design and will be diferent for sure xD

  • build vote , donation ,support,changelog pages

  • page for upload pictures in galery

  • add more parts of armory (tallents,spec,achievements)

and some screens:

latest download link:

register new acc and pewpew /emoticons/default_smile.png

(pleace DO NOT remove [SIZE=18px][FONT=Lato]© tags)[/FONT][/SIZE]

nice work!

Hi there!

It looks awesome!

I tried the link but it’s not taking me anywhere useful. Have you made the files public?

I have an account with FileDropper already but still see nothing.

Let me know.


ok here is link in megafileupload 1-st extract website.rar after that extract armory.rar in root directory of website

idk what hapened with filedroper was working but…

here are some updates btw - model viewer and arena team info





removed due to inactivity.



removed due to inactivity.

​It would be better to use github to keep sources online

the link is no longer good :confused:

here is new link in GitHub for download:

HTTPS clone -


  • model viewer

  • arena team info

  • fixed some errors


add bugtracker

add forums

add support page

add achievements page

auto find existing accounts (created before website) - dont need to add accounts manualy in db

rework shop page

How to remove wowhead db,…?

3.3.5 armory for bad item stats

if you remove wowhead db you wont see all items in armory

replace wowhead functionality with openwow? there’s still a 3.3.5 specific db there.

Looks really good!

Will this work with for example multiple realms, WotlK and maybe TBC or Vanilla?

this version no, it support only 1 realm, maybe my new version will support multiple realms, i decide to rewrite all again with new style, new scripts, with this project is just spend some free time dont expect to be fast progres. here is new version for now working only home page, shop page, login form, forums (50-60%), profile page is with constant values (defineted in scripts just to setup visual)


forum page

home page

shop page

Thank you very much will be testing this out. How many realms are you looking make it be able to do?

probably will have some script to add/remove realms i think 3-4 realms are mor than enought maybe some 1-st start setup to define database/username/password etc but is too early for that xD