Truice Project???

I take it the Truice project is dead for a while now I was wondering because I was going to on take the task of rebuilding another application for windows, mac, and linux for another database editor and much more to it so it is easier to edit the database I know there is Keira2 for web database editor but I was thinking an application with more features this time, which I have already started on and going to upload to a repo for downloads. Any ideas on this matter would be great or suggestions, and features. Thanks

Just curious… Why not build from Keira2 with the additional features?

I personally like LAMP (web) projects for compatibility and open source. I used Truice a long time ago, but yeah that is dead for quite some now

Well since there is something else and everyone seems to be okay there is no reason to create an application for this project thanks for the update on this cdawg, glad I didn’t finish it, thanks

I can’t get it installed I would like an application for linux which is better than windows anyday. Mac is the best though which is unix. but to stay on topic an application would be great too with other tables too added

it would be cool if we could with a program like truice but up to date :slight_smile:

truice is updated again.

Ah yes I can not find it (download link)

yes thank you very much I did the download and try it

you can have truice without having to put the name of password no name?

Released Truice v2.1.3 what includes also 64bit compile →