Trying To Fix #1266 (Flare Of The Heavens With Mind Flay)

I have been trying to fix

Which is a bug where Flare of the heavens is not procced of the Priest’s Mind Flay.

After digging the code a bit I found the cause, since the Mind Flay damage spell (58381) is considered a triggered spell (trigged by the initial mind flay spell, 48156) it received a special proc extra flag PROC_EX_INTERNAL_TRIGGERED.

Later in the proc code we see this check:



        if (!(spellProto->AttributesEx3 & SPELL_ATTR3_CAN_PROC_WITH_TRIGGERED))

            return false;


Since the spell is triggered in order for it to proc Flare of the Heaven (spell id: 64714), the spell proc must have the attribute SPELL_ATTR3_CAN_PROC_WITH_TRIGGERED which it does not, causing it not to proc.

The fix I see for this is to add the attribute to the spell proc via the spell_dbc table but I have no idea how it might effect other classes spells.

Any thoughts on this by someone more experienced?

EDIT: Thought I had some more information but I was wrong