Two "forums" tabs, no "bugs" tab

The tab that used to bring you to the bug reports on github has mysteriously been replaced by a copy of the “Forums” tab.

yeah a forum upgrade broke the custom menu system we use, I will fix it tonight.

LOL, these forums seem to do that to you a lot.

i hate ipb. :expressionless:

Just me or it got even worst, now only shows forum?

yeah for some reason the hook for extra links just isnt getting set properly, tried fixing i last night but then had to leave to go pick up gf. going to redo the menus in a bit from scratch.

one of the templates never reverted after the upgrade, so the hooks couldnt apply. should be fixed now. if its all working please mark this repy as solver /emoticons/default_smile.png thanx.

The tab issue was fixed but there’s an issue with quoting… it copies the quoted text but doesn’t indicate that you’re quoting which can be a bit misleading and cause unintended edits to the quoted text.

All it does is put the quoted text in your reply and indent it but there’s no visual to distinguish it from your own text.

yeah minor issue for now, I switched to the new beta for IPB hoping to resolve the tab issue, and it has a coupla small bugs.

Works ok now.