Two realms on Ubuntu (second worldserver still uses the first worldserver.conf file)

Hiho. I’m trying to open a new realm. Copied world, auth, configs to a new folder, but it doesn’t work. The default path by ‘make install’ in ubuntu is usr/bin for binaries and usr/etc for confs, so i thought to make a new ‘make install’ with a path:

make install DESTDIR=/blahblahIt installed correctly, I have bin and etc folders within the blahblah folder, but IT STILL USES THE OLD PATH (usr/etc).

Do you have any ideas how to solve this? Thank you!

You need to re-run cmake for new path.

Without any additional parameters right?

Just a …/configure, make install DESTDIR

Sorry. cmake …/ and make install destdir

Nvm, everything is on wiki.

[COLOR=rgb(185,189,182)]cmake …/ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home//server -DWITH_WARNINGS=1

…/configure? what version of tc are you trying to use?

Okay, it totally doesn’t work. Made clean cmake, cmake with a path, install with a path - it still runs without renaming conf.dist (runs the first config)

  • it shows the new path in the CMAKE, so SOMETHING is really wrong.

Maybe dumb question but before running cmake did you run “make clean” ?