Unable to confirm authenticity/integrity of client files, sources?

So I haven’t touched WoW emulation in about 3-4 years. During that time I’ve deleted everything I had, including various clients.

For the past couple of days I’ve been struggling to find a source for the client (3.3.5a) that I can confirm isn’t edited in some way - both for security and for actual function. I hear people are messing around with the mpq’s more and more these days and I don’t want to be extracting edited files.

In the absence of a source that I knew was clean/unedited or that was somehow verifiable (even anecdotally), I decided to obtain multiple copies of the client from various sources, hash each file individually, and if the hashes matched over multiple versions I could confirm the file to have been untouched from the original source. I’ve had no luck with this, as I’ve found no two clients in the wild to have matching mpqs or matching versions of certain dlls - even the specific filesizes are different so theres no way they’d pass the hash check.

So my question is this: Is there any known hash for the original untouched client files, or were they produced in an environment that would cause the mpqs/dlls to have different filesizes/versions such as if the original blizzard downloader had a tendency to only download partial data or write junk data to the files? If no hash exists for any of these reasons, can anyone trustworthy attest to the authenticity of a particular source to me in PM or something?

Security and integrity is a big deal; there’s got to be some way you guys are maintaining it.

3.3.5a (enUS) hash should match or never change (This was for Windows OS 8/XP). I can’t speak for other locale copies, nor operating systems outside of Windows.

After Wrath (Cata) It was almost impossible to do a hash check. It was a nightmare for BlizzCS to assist customers at the time (they enabled the live streaming) which varied across everyone, even for clients in certain regions within or outside the US. (using enUS version)

Google WoW_WotLK_Client.zip 6.53GB (6,853,849 kb) it is the original unpatched installation wotlk files but patching is the hardest part lot of searching for sources, many broken links. Dont wanna link anything but thats the file name for the one i got.

Little Random but does anyone remember the free-trail wow.exe that streamed the client and never downloaded all the patch files? would be cool to host everything remotely with a barebone wow.exe it was during wotlk.

Yes, unfortunately, blizz has scrubbed through all of their static or s3 buckets and removed all traces to that streaming service. (Im assuming that blizz caught on that private server idiots were direct linking to it)

Iv’e search for close to a year with no success.