Update 3.3.5 Auth to 6.x

I’ve done a cursory search for the answer to my question and haven’t found anything. Maybe I’m searching the wrong terms.

Anyways, I have two fully functioning 3.3.5 realms and I’m trying to set up a 6.x realm using the latest TC sources. I’ve not run into issues compiling or sourcing the character, world, and hot fixes databases as they each have their own. I’m wanting to keep my existing auth database and use it for all three realms so that I only need one user/password across them. Obviously sourcing the auth database deletes my existing (thank God for frequent backups!). How can I modify the current auth database tables to be cross-compatible?

Thanks in advance!

PS – apologies if this has been answered and I missed it!

Hi, welcome. What you want to do is not easy.

Basically, you need to import all the SQL updates to the auth database since 4.3.4 up to the latest 6.x branch. Aokromes suggested starting with https://gitlab.com/trinitycore/TrinityCore_434/blob/4.3.4/sql/base/auth_database_conversor_335a_to_434.sql

All the passwords need to be reset/recalculated, since their hash is no longer the same.

I gotcha! Thanks!

Hopefully it’s okay to hook up because this is exactly what I’m looking for. So if I start using the 335a_to_434.sql ‘converter’ the basic convertion from auth to bnet will be done more or less automatically to patch 4.x and from that point I can go/patch on?

335a server/database → apply auth_database_conversor_335a_to_434.sql → 434 database (ofc not working with 6x)?

So if I have a working database converted from 335a to 434 is it neccessary to manually import all 6.x auth database update file or is this done while compiling the latest 6.x git source and starting the bnet application with active auto db update option?