Update errors

I’m receiving the error as follows

Applying update “2018_09_03_00_world.sql” ‘A531B51’…
mysql: [Warning] Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.

ERROR 1265 (01000) at line 4799: Data truncated for column ‘PhaseId’ at row 182

I have pulled, recompiled and used the most current files. It’s a new install, and I’ve dropped all the DBs, allowing the clients to create them, and done this numerous times, always to receive this same error. Any suggestions?

And I corrected my own error. Strict mode was enabled, however, I believed it to be off. After double checking after banging my head for hours and looking up multiple solutions to no avail, turning off strict mode worked!

Thanks for posting the follow up. In case I run into the same error. :slight_smile: