Update failed.

I am running Win10

Revision pulled today 4a07ca for 335

Fresh New Dbs

As you can see it ran the updates fine for Auth and Char dbs. But the World will not run, no matter how many times I redo it. Would appreciate it if someone could let me know what I did wrong please. The only things I put in were the fullworldsql like your suppose to and the base for auth and char. Then I have the configs setup to run the updates. Compile went fine no problems there, so I can’t figure how why this will not run. I know it should.



I suggest you to drop world database and leave core to import it.

So you no longer have to run the TDB_Full_335.61_2016_04_11.sql first and then let it run?

That’s autoupdater does all the job.

Ok last question then, does the full sql have to be in the same folder with the repo sqls?

And thank you so much for clearing this up for me a lot has changed since I updated last.

No, on worldserver directory.

Ok all clean and fresh clone to be safe, rev. 258368a

Now I get this. I posted all 3 logs. I have never had this many problems with doing this before, really confused as to what to do next. Have always been able to create dbs and now this, suggestions please. Thank you in advance.


Is the mysql user applying the updates and creating the database equipped with the needed set of mysql privileges, and is this user correctly configured in auth and world config files? There could be something wrong with your mysql server setup you might wanna check out.

If you still get issues after double checking DB names and user/pass, create the DBs and import the TDB full SQL file manually and start worldserver (and it will apply the SQL updates for you).

Yeah it looks user is to limited on permissions to allow core to import full databases OR updates to it.

Also, there are good recommendations for MySQL GUI Tools on TC wiki pages for your platform. You should already be aware of these, but they can assist you setting up the privileges.

You may have made changes to these earlier, just as you did for your db table names.

If in doubt, you can equip a mysql user with all privileges and only allow it to connect from localhost – of course, this only works when your server is running on the same machine as your core.

I finally got it to work, I must have uninstalled and reinstalled MySQL Server 20 times. Thanks for the help. I do appreciate it.