Update Trinity's Database!!


Hi guys, this is my database from a Trinity core’s repack.

I am running it on a fresh compiled Trinity Core.

How do I update my database so it can run on new Trinity Core?

Many thanks

My discord: Santa #4809

we don’t support repacks.

That was a repack of Trinity Core (Single Player Project)

Now I want to keep all the database but running on a fresh complied Trinity Core.

very likely the repack was so old or with changed structure making imposible to update with autoupdater, i suggest you to drop world database and leave core to import clean TDB.


This is the error I got from using a TDB world. It did update but stuck here

that’s characters db thing not tdb.

I fixed it, thanks for the help :smiley:

btw, this was your script, I compiled it with the newest build and got this[ATTACH]2385._xfImport[/ATTACH]


works for me ™

Did you change it? I just removed that sentence :-s Kinda worry if it affects anything