Vanilla RAID balance

Hi guys! I’m thinking to reopen my private server for my friends… I was thinking of Vanilla this time to enjoy and try original mechanics (speed stronger vs certain enemies, some abilities not working on undead etc…). But the issue would be raid, 40 players were insane. Probably we would be like 10-15 players. So I would need to balance RAID and make it doable in 10-15 players. IS there any way in the config file to change npc in a specific instance?

I don’t think there is. You can change the toughness of elites and bosses and disable the raid requirement for instances in general. To be more specific, you’d have to write a script and/or change the database values.

I run a small 3.3.5 server for a group of friends and have wrestled with balance issues too… At first, I tried scaling player damage and healing in the server’s c++ code, and changing database entries to tune the bosses. It worked, but maintaining it was more work than I wanted.

What I finally did was modify Spells.dbc to add a new buffing aura spell along the lines of Wrath’s “Strength of Wrynn”, which gives players a percentage increase to damage, healing and health. I actually just copied “Strength of Wrynn’s” dbc entry into a new spell, and messed with the percentages till it felt right.

To allow raiders to use the new spell, I modified a database item to cast it, and gave the item to the raid leader. No large scale db changes, no code to maintain, and it’s pretty easy to tweak the numbers to your liking. I’m sure something similar can be done in vanilla.