I have question, why installing accessories is handled by spellclick?

The reason why i’m asking is becouse i try to fix one quest, where vehicle have accessories and on spellclick it should cast another spell(not ride veh spell) that summons ‘proper’ vehicle that starts moving on wp’s.

So this situation prevents me from set proper spell in npc_spellclick_spells becouse i have to set ride vehicle spell to allow accessories to be installed.

You can always link 2 spells, check spell_linked_spells table and TC wiki for info how to do it.

Yes i can, but it cause problem, becouse ride veh hardcoded spell is used in many vehicles, and if i set ID - 46598 Ride Vehicle Hardcoded spell on spellclick it’ll cause situation when i enter this vehicle instead of entering other one spawned by spell that would be linked.

Btw. double spellclick spells cause accessory to not install, me entering incorrect vehicle and spawn correct.

I think there is no reason why accessories should be handled by spellclick, imo. mirror function with set spell by default can handle accessories so spellclick would be propetly free to set.