View all notifications shows deleted notifications

If I have, for example, 4 notifications and I choose “View All Notifications”, select them and click “delete”, they will be back in the list if I get a new notification and click “View all notifications”.

This only happens after a new notification appears. If I click “View all notifiactions” after deleting but before any new notifications arrive the page shows “you don’t have any notifications”.

+KingPin Yo.

possibly a glitch in the beta IPB, will file a bug report.

+KingPin k

+MrSmite after testing by myself and with +Subv 's help I cant repeat this behavior. maybe it was browser render cache?

+Subv sup(v)?

Right now I have 8 notifications, the oldest being from Baric “sent yesterday at 02:29 am” in “worldserver.exe at 100% when on flying mounts” and the most recent being from Discover in this thread.

I will delete them all and let you know what happens next time.

+MrSmite test tag to see if this notification brings back your older ones.

  • Ohai, red-eyes

Looks good now. Only notifications I had today were new ones.


Well, I guess I spoke too soon. I just checked my notifications and three of the ones I deleted earlier are back at the bottom. I’m using Firefox 15 if that matters.

Edit 2012-12-09:

Still doing it, both IE and Firefox seem to have the problem for me.