hey guys is it possible to change and increase the VISIBILITY AND DISTANCES Max limited by grid size: 533.33333 ?

If you’re speaking of 335a, No. The client is limited. 4.4.3 was increased with added client changes, like shadows, shaders, reflective water. But again the client’s distance for the world/map is limited. Even by forcing the “view distance” on the server, the client will have a “fog effect”, due to client performance from that time.

It was increased even more during MoP for the compatibility with newer generation video cards.


So the client maximum distance was 1277 in version 3.0.2 and through Wrath (335a)

It was increased to a higher value during Cata (4.0.x)

BTW, i manually set my to “SET farclip 5000” and my suspicion was correct, it maxes to 1277 (client with fog).

As for 7.0.x. I played with it, and there is no limit. You can’t obviously see objects, creates, and NPCs, but the map terrain is almost limitless to what your video card will squeeze out.