void Player::SetSelection

‘void Player::SetSelection(uint64)’ function already has a body

void Player::SetSelection(uint64 guid)
m_curSelection = guid;
SetUInt64Value(UNIT_FIELD_TARGET, guid);
if (Player *target = ObjectAccessor::FindPlayer(guid))
if (HaveSpectators())
SpectatorAddonMsg msg;

thanks for the help /emoticons/default_smile.png

Add it to the function who already is defined, silly

ask cooperation and help those who have nothing to contribute then do not put anything.

What he means to tell you is:

One doesn’t simply names a function after another already existing.

Then again, your entire post is so leaking, you’d think we could provide enough water to the third world by it only. Give more information.

Else, this is what you might be looking for:

void SetSelection(uint64 guid) { SetUInt64Value(UNIT_FIELD_TARGET, guid); }

Found in: Player.h, Ln:1513

Units have a different way to get their target set.


Found in: Unit.h, 2122

it’s the arena spectator script. i already have it implented. Only thing that is messed up is the commands on the script. It’s crashing my core. Do you have the SQL for it Faiver?

DELETE FROM `command` WHERE `name` = 'spectate';        
INSERT INTO `command` (`name`, `security`, `help`) VALUES ('spectate', 0, 'Syntax: .spectate $subcommand.nUse .help sppectate');
DELETE FROM `command` WHERE `name` = 'spectatefrom';    
INSERT INTO `command` (`name`, `security`, `help`) VALUES ('spectate view', 0, 'Syntax: .spectate view #playernAllow player to spectate arena from anotherplayer.');
DELETE FROM `command` WHERE `name` = 'spectate leav';   
INSERT INTO `command` (`name`, `security`, `help`) VALUES ('spectate leave', 0, 'Syntax: .spectate leavenDisable spectator mode.');
DELETE FROM `command` WHERE `name` = 'spectate player'; 
INSERT INTO `command` (`name`, `security`, `help`) VALUES ('spectate player', 0, 'Syntax: .spectate player #playernAllow to spectate player.');
DELETE FROM `command` WHERE `name` = 'spectate reset';  
INSERT INTO `command` (`name`, `security`, `help`) VALUES ('spectate reset', 0, 'Syntax: .spectate resetnSend addon data.');