Waffle! (Project Management Board)

Hi guys,

while looking at the Telegram Web repo i found it uses a board to manage issue states, do you think it would be of any use here?

Here’s the link: https://waffle.io/

we noticed it quite some time ago but didn’t find it worth the effort

	Aug 13 14:10:44 <jackpoz>    would https://waffle.io/ be any useful to us ?
		Aug 13 14:10:52 <jackpoz>    "Waffle creates a free project management solution from your existing GitHub Issues."
		Aug 13 14:19:40 <leak>    looks like a kanban board out of gh issues?
		Aug 13 14:21:15 <jackpoz>    https://waffle.io/dotnet/orleans the "Help Wanted" column is interesting
		Aug 13 14:21:29 <jackpoz>    our users will know where we want their feedback
		Aug 13 14:33:38 <Nayd>    that can be a label

Good to know :slight_smile: