War effort supply system

Hello everyone,

I was wondering, after checking the whole database tables that might be interesting (including quest & npc related to what I’m about to explain) to ask you directly :

Some of you should remember this crazy Ahn’Qiraj event - War effort - where you had to farm a ton of herbs, clothes, and many more. That’s not what I’m looking for. But if you remember there were NPCs that could tell you in real time how many Iron Bars or Peaceblooms were requiered.

That’s what I’m looking for : how the fuck can a NPC do that ? is that stored somewhere in the DB ? Quest variable ?

I’d like a NPC to tell you exactly how much stuff left you have to give before a timer expires, just like the way AQ npc did. I’ll keep checking and I’m definitly not asking you to do it, but if you have any information or clue that can put me on the right way, I’d be really thankful /emoticons/default_smile.png


Is this Trinity code development or should this be in the custom section?

Or maybe help and support section?

Was actually wondering and hesitating, that’s why I posted there but feel free to move it where ever it should be ^^

I don’t know if it’s just code dev, or custom (but surely support)

that reminds me of Archavons Log: http://www.wowhead.com/object=194356

Wintergrasp isn’t implemented, but maybe it has some placeholder :]