Warden feature request

Ok so i got this crazy idea about making Warden some sort of hybrid with passive anticheat.

How about adding warden the possibility to also display an ingame warning notify to all online GMs about possible cheaters to those warden detects with failed checks?, I think it would be an excellent resource to “counterbalance” the risk of false positives warden comes with.

What do you guys think? is this possible? if so, could anyone help me out with this?

Thanks /emoticons/default_biggrin.png

Would be nice!

So it seems only Windows Clients are currently being properly checked and logged, so this is how it goes:


line 496

[CODE] if (checkFailed > 0)


 WardenCheck* check = sWardenCheckMgr->GetWardenDataById(checkFailed);

 sLog->outWarn(LOG_FILTER_WARDEN, "%s failed Warden check %u. Action: %s", _session->GetPlayerName(false).c_str(), checkFailed, Penalty(check).c_str());[/CODE]

add after this (this is untested, so it might not work or not even compile…)

[CODE] char msg[512];

    sprintf(msg, "%s failed Warden check %u. Action: %s", _session->GetPlayerName(false).c_str(), checkFailed, Penalty(check).c_str());

    std::string broadcast = msg;

    sWorld->SendGMText(LANG_GM_BROADCAST, broadcast.c_str());[/CODE]

customize message to your liking.