Warden PQR detection


I want to use Warden, to detect weather a player is using PQR.

First I decompiled PQR and found out that the programm injects some LUA code into the client.

[ul][li]If I use /run print(SOME_PQR_VARIABLE) before starting PQR the output will is nil as expected. [/li]
[li]If I use /run print(SOME_PQR_VARIABLE) after starting PQR the output will is a value/adress/none depends on what I print.[/li]

In the Warden.h there is this Check

[FONT=‘Courier New’] LUA_STR_CHECK = 0x8B, // 139: byte luaNameIndex (check to ensure LUA string isn’t used[/FONT]

I created a warden_ckeck in the DB with:

INSERT INTO `warden_checks` (`id`, `type`, `data`, `str`, `address`, `length`, `result`, `comment`) VALUES (1, 139, '', '[I]SOME_PQR_VARIABLE[/I]', 0, 0, '', '');

[FONT=Arial]Unfortunately the client always returns 1. No matter if PQR is injected or not. And this is my Problem. Either way this type of Warden check is not properly implemented yet or I do something wrong with the SQL statement.[/FONT]