I just have a question I am hoping someone can help me with. I made a bunch of custom quests and they are set to 1791 so all races can do them. I have just noticed that there is not a single Warlock that can see these quests. Any ideas as to what could cause that?

maybe you should share the whole SQL of the quest and if the NPC that gives the quest out is custom or not.

If the NPC is using some other gossip_menu_id than 0 it is possible that warlocks are excluded from seeing the gossip / quests.


[\sql insert into quest_template values(‘25316’,‘2’,‘80’,‘80’,‘616’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘25450’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘136’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘990’,‘4’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘1791’,‘As Hyjal Burns’,‘Take the portal to Mt. Hyjal, and speak to Ysera’,‘$N! We've heard much about you and your previous accomplishments.$B$BIt is good that you've come here just as Azeroth finds itself in a time of great need.$B$BDeathwing's minions are attacking Hyjal and seek to bring the destructive Ragnaros back into our world.$B$BAronus will take you to join Malfurion's forces in Hyjal. Lend them what help you can.’,‘’,‘’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘’,‘’,‘’,‘’,‘1’);\


\sql insert into creature_template values(‘39865’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘11684’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘Emissary Windsong’,‘’,‘’,‘60000’,‘80’,‘80’,‘0’,‘994’,‘3’,‘1’,‘1.14286’,‘1’,‘0’,‘0’,‘2000’,‘2000’,‘1’,‘1’,‘1’,‘2’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘7’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’,‘SmartAI’,‘0’,‘3’,‘1’,‘1.5’,‘1.75’,‘1’,‘1’,‘1’,‘0’,‘0’,‘1’,‘0’,‘2’,‘’,‘0’); \

the gossip is just for a portal to Hyjal.

I have no difficulties getting the quest.
There must be some other obstacle there like something in disables blocking the quest from warlocks.


This is so weird, because it worked fine for me to, until I updated. I don’t have anything in the disables that would relate to this quest at all. Do you think on some really off chance that if I delete this quest and then put it back in, it might work?

I found that out of 17 custom npcs that all worked before Warlocks can only see 10 of them. I checked the disables but honestly don’t see how I would disable one class from a quest, and have never changed the disables table. Any other suggestions?

maybe time to compile in debug mode and fire up a debugger?
Then set a breakpoint to gossip menu creation code and see where the checks for the quests return false.