[Warning-Trinitycore] Blizzard taking down github links

This is just a warning for trinitycore organization that blizzard is starting to take down github links it might not just be vanilla servers.


Yeah, it may be a bit alarming… but… you have to read that Blizz went after a very large group that opposes them as a competitor, due to the fact that Blizz wants most or all population to start on their upcoming legacy (vanilla) servers. While I don’t blame them personally, I see why Blizz went after them and “asked” GitHub to drop them under the DMCA.
While it may be that Blizz cares about other version or expansions that are running ‘legacy’ servers. Blizz isn’t too worried about small pop servers. It would just cost them money and trying to chase after the small groups. Not saying TC is small, but nothing on the large Blizz’s radar.

Not to mention, if Blizz’s vanilla servers don’t draw enough population, they may kill it or not progress with additional legacy expansions and then a sudden explosion of priv servers that may never draw enough attention to Blizz, due to the diverse expansions and outdated clients.