We need to create free (open source) WoW client

We need to create free (open source) World of Warcraft client. Do not talk about copyright. We can use code to open MPQs. Only MPQs are under copyright (images, sounds, etc.), but no other client parts (i think). I think, if we can develop normal server, we can develop normal client.

Code to open MPQ and BLP already developed.

P. S. I can host the server, but I cannot play the game. Very bad. I like 3.3.5a (12340) version. I try to create better Azeroth but my attempt is failed because no source code is available.

P. P. S. If we have client source code, we can create all WoW features: trial version, test server features (if they exists) and other.

Do not read: My email is [email protected], note for me because it is temporary.

Aokromes, can you start this please.

No one Wow.cpp. We have Error.cpp (I forgot file name) and other. I doesn’t have files. I know some files because I see errors.

Try to replace 3.3.5 Launcher.exe with 1.12.1/2 or 1.12.1/2 with 3.3.5. I forgot, but I think, error with *.cpp will be show.

Hmm, this means recreating the whole game from scratch. Wow is made by thousands of blizzard workers. Even if open source version is created, this will no longer be wow…

You need*

Yes wow is made by hundreds of people.
Not to mention the Hours days years … How many expansions are there now and how many patches to the expansions?
You act like its like no big deal and people can just whip up a new client like its nothing.
I am sorry but unfortunately there’s some serious issues in your request.
1. To write a whole new opensource client for an existing game is how do I put it nicely … nuts.
2. We do not have a Viable decompiled client.
3 We do not have the man power blizzard does.
4. Its not just the client that is protected by copy write.
5. There is no MPQs now its Cascs so your idea has a slight snafu.
6. Talking about 3.3.5a um why would someone rewrite a client that is how many years old? November 13, 2008 You do the math.
7. Intellectual property is not just bound to the exe it is bound to MPQs Cascs the whole project.

[SIZE=11px]Side note:
If anything I would say being that the core is Modular why not start working on a client for a New game and make our own assets If we were to go through the efforts of making an opensource client.
This takes the legalities out of it. After all Trinitycore is a learning project and a re configurable platform.
So seriously You want to rewrite history of wow? Please by all means take a look at the whole picture as you will find your idea is not for the sane of mind and I don’t mean any disrespect in this comment.
Now if you are talking about injecting the exe with your idea to correct the " vulnerability as per mentioned in issue #17290 Please use the proper language or terms.
I again Highly doubt that trinitycore will address this as this type of injection is almost as bad as modifying DBCs which imho is foolish too.
Besides what is the big deal with case in username/password? it shouldn’t matter if you are not a private server online which brings me to the next part.
If you are wanting to fix this because you are wanting to host a big ol game server … you are in the wrong place to be trying to get something implemented like this.
Reason being TC doesn’t support this as a whole. Why should you get all the glory when your not willing to learn how to sort your own personal issues ( meaning client wise )
I think I may be right in saying you are only on 3.3.5a because the issues related to 6x is not really viable for you to host on a large scale with the things that are broken.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11px]Side note two:
If I am wrong I am sorry
This is just how it appears.
My reply is not meant to troll you. It is just an attempt to show the flaws in your idea no matter how good it sounded at the time you came up with it.

New client render, still no npcs models:


We have programs, that implements WoW protocol.

SimpleWoW/MangosClient from different developers (forks, Aokromes’s fork is tested by me). But we need to use UTF-8 (or CP1251).

PseuWoW from different developers (forks). Compilation not working on my laptop.

Clientless (I forgot developer). Auth works, but not detects character(s).

And maybe other. It is open source. We can write simple GUI and use client parts from another open source games like Ryzom (another 3D MMORPG). Then, we can add latest parts, for example, jumps.

Tools for open MPQ/DBC/other Blizzard files are already developed. We can include this tools in client. Noggit (editor for WoW) is open source, too.

Blizzard has copyright for Azeroth. And I think, this Stormwind have copyright issues too. But I hate copyright (if software is not open source).

Please, give me screenshot of https://github.com/shlainn/pseuwow. I cannot run it now. Maybe it is great starting for “Free (as in freedom) WoW Project”.

P. S. Do not dislike. We need only develop open source WoW. The big part is already open for editing. We need only write client. We can use other games.

P. P. S. 3.3.5 (12340) is most popular WoW version.

Close. Now, I will not help TrinityCore. MaNGOS forever (because MaNGOS team will implement Battle.net)!

I deleted 4.3.4 and 3.3.5a clients, because I think “This is end. Battle.net will never be implemented, not all basic functional implemented”. Now I downloading 3.3.5a, because I believe, MaNGOS team will implement all basic functional (all WoW excluding scripting, but including code system and rewards).

Have a terrible day and ban me. PERMAMENT! LIKE GITHUB! I AM A STAS730!

GL on that, like we told you, b.net protocol for wow 3 is heavy obfuscated and afaik no one knowns how to properly implement it on wow 3, if someone had reversed we will implement it, but, it’s not the case.


i started this like two weeks haha

Updated version https://github.com/caffeine239/Unity3DWoW

Very old post but it was funny reading this thread. Mangos forever, lmao. Bad choice.