What can I do to help

Hey guys, its been a while since I last contributed to TrinityCore. I’m looking to contribute some more (even though I have to setup my whole dev environment again) :blink:
Although I’ve been loosely following recent developments I’m looking for some advice from someone who is more up to date on the status of the 7.x codebase on things that need working on. (I know there is the Issue tracker, but as always it is filled with a massive amount of stuff, hard to judge what is what). Preferably things that can be completed in a relatively short time-span as I cannot devote massive, uninterrupted, spans of time to the project anymore :frowning: . Any important packets that need updating? Bugfixes? Any tools that you might find useful? Small new features that need implementing? Heck, I’d even be willing to do scripts or DB work if you tell me there is a need (not preferable though, I tend to suck with those, just warning you).