What client version should I extract dbc/maps from?

I have build 22345 of WoW but when I run map extractor is says this:


The dbc files cause worldserver to crash on startup.

Do I have to run it on an older version?


Does anyone know why I get this error, ONLY when I use any of the builds from the past week. If I build an older version it compiles fine.


Seems that this error happens when I try to build using any version past this commit:


ATM you cannot compile core with visual studio 2013, i suggest you to update to VS 2015.

Also, the client supported is show on Releases and Announcements .

Yep, I just tried with 2015 and it compiles fine. Now my only problem is incompatible dbc files. Don’t know which build of WoW I am supposed to use.

Have this problem:


The issue seems to be related to commit: bb93816b5c7b9a1936fb50d654e49b3d47482f39
Core/PacketIO: Minor refactor in Opcode definitions, packet class type no longer needs to be defined manually, it is now inferred from handler argument

As soon as i reverted that commit and replaced the newly extracted data with the old extracted data core launched just fine
(note) I only reverted to find the commit that broke the db2 compatibility
I am now studying the code and trying to fix the issue caused by the commit

Nvm Shauran committed a fix this morning don’t revert anything it works great now

Yep, after compiling latest version, worldserver boots up successfully.