What constitutes a Critical, High, or Low issue?

Based on this issue https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/issues/16224 and my suggestion to mark it as Critical, a username at github by the name of trokli suggested that I move this question to this forum.

I would like to know how this project defines what a ‘Critical,’ ‘High,’ ‘Medium,’ ‘Low’, and ‘Very Low’ issue is. I have not been able to find that definition on this forum, on github, nor on the wiki.

Such definition is what is typically known as Checklist Incident Priority matrix, helps developers focus their efforts effectively, and makes categorization systematic rather than subjective.

Does anyone know where this was defined by the project owners or by the community? Or any suggestions on how to define these categories?

Constant crashes, Data lost->critical

Crashes with easy repo way->high

What a player thinks it’s critical->low

Missing emotes, paths->cosmetic

Anything else, no prio.


Thanks for the reply but where is this defined?