I am working on patch for eye of eternity and in the original patch I based my wok on there was flag MOVEMENTFLAG_SPLINE_ELEVATION added to every single flying creature (incl.invisible triggers). I am curious if anyone knows what this flag does and whether or not should a script be setting it. I didn’t see any difference when I removed it.

Without move maps it will not work.

If you are basing your work on the patch i think you are (on googlecode), you shouldn’t. Its bad, really bad, really fucking horrible. Just so you know /emoticons/default_smile.png

And afaik its not possible to write a proper Malygos encounter atm.

OT: Sounds like some kind of levitation, not sure though.

not bashing toes… but this is perfect example of people using custom codes and when they have problems, then they bring it here instead of thread or forum where they got it from.


  1. the code (or one version of it) was on Trinitycore issue tracker (at least that’s where I saw it), so trinitycore forum seems to me like the best place for possible discussion.

  2. I was not asking for help with custom patch XY, but instead asked of piece of knowledge about movement flags that are part of TC core and btw. used even with clean core (or at least present - see Unit::BuildMovementPacket(ByteBuffer *data) in Unit.cpp)

If you are writing a patch and don’t understand a function / class / etc, then post here.

  1. The final goal (however impossible to achieve now) is to have 100% wirking and Blizzlike hackless implementation that will go into main repo … and even if my work will not be used or useful, results of any related research may help anyone working on that.

The flag won’t work? Or the Malygos encounter? Not 100% sure what you mean by move maps, but I am aware of the fact that the encounter will require dynamic LOS (respecting spawned/despawned GOs as opposed to static vmaps currently used).

OT: is anyone from the team working on Malygos? I saw a commit on github with notes that it’s required for Malygos (I guess vortex).