What flag/parameters to cross compile?

Hello from Brazil!

I was able to compile both 3.3.5 and 6.x branchs on a virtual box machine with debian 8 and get both working.

However the system compiled a 32bit .elf and tools only for linux.

I bypassed this by mounting WoW directory and using the linux tools in the mounted directory.

However, now I want to compile portable worldservers, auth and bnetservers EXEs on the debian virtual machine.

What Flags, Parameters would make this possible?

You can try to compile with http://www.mingw.org/ but I guess it is not supported by TC.

I believe you are able to change the compile for C and C++ applications by a simple export.

			[COLOR=rgb(24,54,145)]export CC=C_COMPILER_NAME CXX=C++_COMPILER_NAME
	But why you don't build the project on a windows maschine? Should be easier.