Where are Racial Spells stored?

Greetings. As stated in the main thread, where can we find the racial spells stored? I can not seem to find them inside character_spell table. Thank you for taking the time to look over this.

They are being read from the dbc files.

Ok, but take this case. I myself am giving to a character a racial that does not belong to it’s race.

So, char A with race B has learned a racial from race C. Is it stored anywhere in the Database? I do not know how DBC files exactly work, but I doubt the core writes anything in them. So if I want to remove that racial from char A, how can it be done? Besides the unlearn command.

Thank you SO much for taking the time to provide an answer. Have a great day!

known spells and skills are stored in the char db tables character_spell and chraracter_skills

This is custom crap that should not be in help and support, and, if it requires the editing of client DBC files, it does not belong on this forum at all.

Why not just point him towards the Custom Code and Requests section?

I don’t see how “it does not belong on this forum at all”, since, well, isn’t that what the Custom Code and Requests is for?

I would agree that it doesn’t belong in this section, but it seems like you took a bit too much offence out of someone wanting to do some customization…

To Paradox’s point about it not belonging on the forum at all, he’s talking about DBC editing. Trinity doesn’t support modifying the client (with the exception of patching the login process /emoticons/default_smile.png).