Where are the privacy options for forum profiles?

So I can’t seem to find these standard privacy options:

[ul][li]Hide my email from the public[/li][li]Only allow administrators, moderators and friends to send me personal messages[/li][/ul]
Within the past week I’ve started receiving spam email from a russian server so I came here to make sure my email was set to private but could not find any such setting.

What the forum moderators did when they read this post.


I find it strange that this hasn’t been more of a problem. If I look at the internet headers of the message, it shows that it was bounced to people on github that are also part of Trinity.

Note: Internet Headers are separate from the “from” and “cc” boxes. It shows all the people who were involved in a message chain even if they aren’t part of the distribution list displayed in “from” and “cc”. I’ve definitely seen names of people that develop Trinity in that list.