Where do we set the version we want to run?

Is there a way to set what version we want to run somewhere? I’ve scoured up and down but can’t seem to find anything related to “version setting”. I want to run a blizz-like TBC server, not anything beyond that.

Or is it unsettable?

It’s not possible with TC. The versions that are supported are listed in https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/display/tc/Installation+Guide#InstallationGuide-DevelopmentState

I seem to of missed that.

I suppose WOTLK could be fun as well  :P   Thanks for pointing it out for me.

You can disable wotlk expansion and make it a bc server via your worldserver config
I dont have 3.3.5a but i know there is a setting just like this in your worldserver config


Description: Allow server to use content from expansions. Checks for expansion-related

map files, client compatibility and class/race character creation.

Default: 5 - (Expansion 5)

4 - (Expansion 4)

3 - (Expansion 3)

2 - (Expansion 2)

1 - (Expansion 1)

0 - (Disabled, Ignore and disable expansion content (maps, races, classes)

Expansion = 1 (should be BC)

This will allow you to run up to BC content via 3.3.5a client or 6.2.4 client

Will it matter? If your using the WoD server and restrict it to 1 - (Expansion 1) your still going to get all the changes that WoD has made to the TBC expansion. It won’t be a true TBC server. Like when I installed the Cata server and ran it, the beginning area for humans was on fire, it wasn’t like that in the original or TBC or WotLK, but it’s like that on the CATA server. A lot of the earlier quests were changed as well. So if your wanting a TBC server your going to have to dig into the archives and see if you can find it.