Where is the NPC outfit defined?

According to the wiki, creature_equip_template defines what items an NPC is holding and creature_template defines the model that is displayed but nothing indicates what field is for their outfit.

Where is the field that describes wether an NPC is wearing robes, leather, plate, etc. (this used to be the now defunct equipment_id field) ?

Creaturedisplayinfo (The creature itself: Model, specifics and: Equipment from Creaturedisplayinfoextra entry) → Creaturedisplayinfoextra (Race information and equipment beside weapons overall)

So, dbc.

Not sure I have seen an NPC wearing anything really anywhere. (except weapons)

Just the NPC model itself.

I think mirror images have clothes too, but they are a special case sending mirror image packets to the players.

See Clone me spell

As Ascathor mentioned, you can only let NPC’s equip weapons via the DB, other stuff requires DBC editing.

Interesting, thanks. I could’ve sworn at one point we could change outfits via the DB. Maybe I just have a busted WDB or DBC file because I have a couple NPCs that are “naked”. Not enough to warrant a bug report, it’s probably a local problem.

This is interesting, since I though that was also handled in the DB.

Which of your NPCs show up naked?

I’m having the same issue and I thought this was a broken SAI script or a DB entry that was forgotten

An example would be the very last phase or last battle as a Death Knight. Some of the Light Crusaders spawn naked only during that battle scenario. I searched and searched and couldn’t find anything relating to placing gear/clothes on with SAI scripts or the DB.

Also, maybe a question for a dev, but what about the SAI script where the NPC places gear on. An example would be Kolitra Deathweaver in the Death Knight starting area, I believe Phase 2, (quest: Brothers In Death) where the NPC places gear on. Are those 2 separate models?

My NPCs were some of the commoners standing around Stormwind though now they’re not even spawned anymore. I was going to just modify the DB so when they respawn they will be proper but I guess I’ll have to wait.

Try .respawn and see how they look