Where To Start In All Of This?

Hello everyone this is my first post in here so I’ll hope that the title is okay and that someone havn’t posted something like this before me /emoticons/default_smile.png

Well I’m new to this C++, I’ve been programming php for a couple of years now(and a bit C# for fun) and lately I’ve been trying out with some C++ and I found this project very interesting for me to explore and to expand my knowledge. I know about some OOP principles (used it while programming php scripts.)

So what I want to hear is do anyone have some tips getting started playing around with the source code of Trinity. When I open the solution in VS2010 there are just SO MANY files which loads of code hehe /emoticons/default_smile.png It’s overwhelms me a bit.

So If you got any Tips, Reference or anything else that could help me get started here it would be very much appreciated.

Thanks /emoticons/default_smile.png

One of the most common ways to start is by trying to make scripts (creatures, spells, whatever)

In the scripts folder there are example cpps but other existing scripts can be used as examples too.

Find a creature/etc that is not working correctly and try to script it.

I think he meant learning how the core works itself. What exactly is under X function and everything. Anyway i was wondering the same question once.

Yes, starting understanding scripts will lead to that later/eventually.

Well… It’s so much code doing different stuff, so there’s not an easy (and brief) way to explain all that.

I think the best way would be to start digging, debuging and testing stuff, so you can understand it.

Try to read code from specific parts (the code should speak for itself). If you try to read all systems at once you could get confused and slow the learning curve (I tried /emoticons/default_tongue.png)

Also it’s great that you started with VS, cause I started messing with Trinity using Geany and Vim (I use linux) and I switched to win cause Intellisense is so awesome.

Another thing, as you’re not very familiar with C++, is to read some tutorials (pointer, class, struct, STL, …). Very important to understand.

GL and have fun!

Thank you very much for your answers (by the way sorry for the long time it took me to answer again …) I’ll trying to look into it now.

Thanks again /emoticons/default_smile.png