Which Trinitycore revision is better for soloplay

Hi there,

I compiled a new 3.3.5 core yesterday and saw on github that the issues/defects skyrocketed since someday in late 2016. So I have a compiled core from june 2016 in my backup so I want to know which is better/safer to use for soloplay and some dungeons with 4 friends max.

Have there been any serious unstable changes to the core since 2016 or is it negligible?

I read something about dissapearing items on the issue tracker and what not.

Keep up your hard work and thanks!


I’ve been playing a build of 3.3.5a that’s about 3 months old now and I haven’t seen a single critical error. I noticed some glitches regarding some boss events and some quests. Nothing crashed, they just didn’t work right. Overall I would call it stable.

I haven’t gotten into Outland or Northrend dungeons or raids, but questing and Vanilla content has been very reliable.