Why sniffer doesnt work in PTR?

Hello, I just wanted to know why sniffer doesnt work in the test realms. It use different address socket or…Im curiose.

Thanks you.

Long story short the sniffer needs to be adapted for each different build and so far PTR is not worth that trouble.

Ok thanks. And speaking about Sniffer/parsser. Im using the last sniffer 6.2.2. and the last parsser of TC. Why I get this result?

TrinityCore - WowPacketParser

File name: 20444_2015-09-04_00-55-40_01352CD0.pkt

Detected build: 20444

Detected locale: frFR

Parsing date: 09/04/2015 07:55:16

INSERT IGNORE INTO SniffData (Build, SniffName, ObjectType, Id, Data) VALUES
(20444, ‘20444_2015-09-04_00-55-40_01352CD0.pkt’, ‘Opcode’, 4478, ‘NotParsed’),
(20444, ‘20444_2015-09-04_00-55-40_01352CD0.pkt’, ‘Opcode’, 4249, ‘NotParsed’),

What I’m missing there?

No need of post wall of useless text. wpp still don’t have support for 6.2.2.

Ummm ok,thanks you and sorry for the wall of text.

My questions were answered so.