Wiki - some tables are displayed wrong (broken)

Browser: Firefox

Some of the wiki pages are broken such that they don’t display the tables properly. Each field is separated by a line that says “NO 0”. Here is an example of what I see for the spell_scripts page:

Note: Can’t get the forum to accept image links (reported in another thread)

Not a browser issue, just a bad conversion from old wiki. If you find an issue you can comment on the page with the problems or, even better, edit the page directly.

Anyway, Scripts tc2 page fixed.

(Image embedding works fine if you get a direct link to the image. is not a direct link is a direct link)

The new FactionTemplate.dbc page is missing all of the very useful info on the old wiki page. Didn’t see a way to comment on the new page.

Razor needs to stop whatever he is doing. this page is fine

Edit: old page deleted and moved to FactionTemplate.dbc

P.S I don’t have time to fix everything. When you see something wrong click Edit page, it’s easy.

I thought the tc2 pages were supposed to be deleted or renamed when any change is done, as we don’t have a tc2 anymore.

Exactly but, yet again, no one to do it.

Ascathor gave up?

Yeah, I tried that but embedding still wouldn’t work. It kept telling me that I wasn’t allowed to use that extension (jpg or png).