Wintergrasp - All bugs collected - Requested by Kandera

  1. Annoucments

(Not sure if blizzlike or not) There is no announcments for pre-game (world-wide) before wintergrasp starts, this means players don’t know when it begins

There are no announcments for breaching walls/towers etc while WG is active

The BG QUE always state that WG is in progress which makes it impossible to know when WG starts for real.

Vehicles - changing seats is impossible

The old WG patch had a “relocate” function in vehicle.cpp to help resolve this

DB - It doesnt matter who wins, I always see both teams NPCs (vendors, guards, gameobjects etc)

It seems the WG castle door stays open for some reason making it possible for players to enter VoA without any problems even if they are not controlling WG

maybe make a function in the VoA scripts checking if the team entering is currently controlling WG, if not tele out?


When using teleports 80% of the time im getting this msg: [SIZE=12px][FONT=Helvetica]“Player teleport failed. Player was immune”[/FONT][/SIZE]

[FONT=arial]this shouldn’t happen.[/FONT].

Control over WG

it seems like each faction sees himself as the controllers of WG regardless of who really won?

8.Visual bug Wintergrasp Catapult (

When you cast Plague Barrel ( it show that you shoot backwards but the effect of the spell going forward

Spiritual Immunity bug

[/URL][URL=“”]Wow 2012 09 08 18 14 45 15 - YouTube

  1. Every NPC is spawned twice

  2. Some guards follow you all over the map

tested on Horde Champions

  1. Smaller Elementals are visible during battle

verified for fire (30487), stone (30489), shadow (30482)…confirmed for all of them

  1. Siege-Engine has wrong Ram spell in bar

the one in the bar has a 4 second cooldown, with which you’ll never run low on steam

the other one listed in the npc profile on wowhead has 1.5 second cooldown, seems more appropriate



  1. Rocket-Propelled Goblin Grenade

channeling works, but no damage on target

  1. Vehicles can only be entered once, after leaving they become unclickable

you cannot get them into target, without /tar Wintergrasp…

siege engine cannon is not affected

this does not apply to the enemy however, who can still attack the vehicle.

  1. southern towers are not affected by damage to their outer walls

you have to shoot through the doors to do damage

sometimes they are not even affected by damaging when shooting through doors!

  1. destroying a southern tower gives no credit for the related quest

toppling the towers (horde), alliance untested

  1. vehicular gnomeslaugther

no credit is given, did it once like this, needs enums and stuff, but could work

[CODE]class achievement_wg_vehicular_gnomeslaughter : public AchievementCriteriaScript



achievement_wg_vehicular_gnomeslaughter() : AchievementCriteriaScript(“achievement_wg_vehicular_gnomeslaughter”) { }

bool OnCheck(Player* source, Unit* target)


 if (!target)

	 return false;

 if (target->GetTypeId() == TYPEID_PLAYER)

	 if (Vehicle* vehicle = source->GetVehicle())

		 switch (vehicle->GetBase()->GetEntry())


			 case 27881: // must be in Vehicle oder (Vehicle- or Tower-) Cannon

			 case 28094:

			 case 28312:

			 case 28319:

			 case 32627:

			 case 32629:

			 case 28366:

				 return true;




 return false;



  1. within our grasp achievement

missing time criteria check

  1. (southern) workshops

do not reset correctly on .bf switch 1

keep ownership of previous battle

  1. guards at southern workshops

at first there were non visible

after .bf switch 1 there were alliance guards at a horde shop

the one which didnt change in the previous battle continued to have no guards at all

21a. guards all over map

dont change on switch (alliance <-> horde)

  1. both factions can do damage to the southern towers

horde and alliance are both visible at the same time, and you can see their healths bar in the tooltip, which distinguish them from one another.

this also leads to some crappy graphics /emoticons/default_smile.png

[SIZE=10px](I think it’s worth mentioning it in this topic as well)[/SIZE]

  1. Wintergrasp Catapult’s Flame Breath spell is glitched to the point where it gets increased damage (up to 11k from what I’ve seen) and is applied 3-4 times onto the attacked player resulting in one-shot-kill effect.

Can someone explain me about phases in WG?

What phases should be on players duringafter battle defender attackers. About workshops I know it 16 and 32.

256 it’s for deffenders after battle for whole WG zone. Ok.

But I wanna know about 128 and 64 phases: where, when and on whom it should be duringafter battle.

What we have in code about this phase handling is bullshit. (addaura - removeaura onenterleavestartbattleendbattle is crazy thing at all o_O). It must be done by spell_area.