For every ppl asking here for Wintergrasp patches, almost every patch out there is based on old 3.1.3 code, every patch shared here misses SMSG_BATTLEFIELD_MGR_QUEUE_REQUEST_RESPONSE needed for 3.2-3.3.5a version of Wintergrasp.

Use oficial Trinitycore wintergrasp branch.…ergrasp_cleanup

Gj to the devs.

Patch on wintergrasp have made in trinitycore repo or not?


It Works…


Good Job /emoticons/default_smile.png

I just need to download and compile the source again? Or I need to apply a patch or something like that?

the downside to joug - patch was it was made for single set grouping (1 raid or kicked),

WG is an Open event,

not a forced raid.

meaning you could go on battleground solo,

or with/as 1,2,3 different party/raid groups…etc, there’s no limitation.

Shared xp (kills - if enabled(offy)), quest objectives(including daily),

achievements, and honor amongst grouped members(only for members of the set group/raid).

Only the two ways of entering the battle through the two timed portals(dalaran) or flying in.

and only flying in (mount/taxi) ofc for non-war times.

as an added note, joug(tcfr) and the one from ChoasUA(mythcore),

had and has teh minimum level set way too high(76), u can enter and gain

war-time benefits at northrend entry lvl, even when going in solo.

I’m adding this branch to my watched list… /emoticons/default_wink.png

glad to see this back, it was always a TC plus

(hopefully this go around, it will become blizz-like)

no new news ? the last update from the repro dont work ( never start the WG, only a loop invite )

we build a raid group 5 alliance vs 5 hordes ( then we go to WG, u get a invite to WG, again and again, only a loop invite, never start the battle )

Just remember this quote from @Click about wintergrasp_cleanup /emoticons/default_tongue.png


So Wintergrasp is not finished yet, it´s a work in progress

sure that is only my feedback and i wanne help

That´s ok, we all wanna give feedback and help developers /emoticons/default_cool.png

Just Wintergrasp is still WIP, we can´t expect it´s ready to play for now

How do I apply this patch?

Pull the wintergrasp_cleanup branch from the repo if you want, and then compile and import the SQLs

Can you explain, because I am still learning about this

You just have to do as you did when you compiled the “master” branch of TC, but instead you pull “wintergrasp_cleanup” this time instead of “master” branch

About pulling and compiling the core and installing the DB, just check the wiki, and it´s similar when pulling any other branch

I’ve never done this, but try to see you! if you have to prepare something with screenshots would help me a lot!!

Using Windows:

Using Linux:

Using Mac:

Just follow the instructions for branch “master”, or instead of “master” use “wintergrasp_cleanup” branch

But if you´ve never compiled, better to start with “master”, cause wintergrasp is still not finished

Compile I know, just do not know how to put this option

wintergrasp_cleanup, you can send me a screenshot to demonstrate? would greatly appreciate it, thanks

You can do it with git bash (comand line) → git checkout -b origin/<remote_branch>

You can do the same with GitExtensions, and if you want to have both master and this branch, just create a new branch and then pull: