[Wip] 2 Variations Of The Quest "hellscream's Vigil"

When you arrive at Borean Tundra, the Warsong Recruitment Officer will offer 2 quests with identical names “Hellscream’s Vigil”.

Based on the comments from: http://old.wowhead.c…=11586#comments the difference between the 2 is if you completed the “Grandmother” quests or not.

The basic one: http://old.wowhead.com/quest=11585.

If the “Grandmother” quests where done, which I assume is this one: http://old.wowhead.com/quest=10175.

You instead get: http://old.wowhead.com/quest=11586.

So I found some info about quest relations here: http://www.trinityco…te_tc2#Examples.

I could be totally wrong, but it seems like this might solve it…

If you completed the “Grandmother”, you get this:

UPDATE quest_template SET PrevQuestId=10175 WHERE Id=11586;

but then you can’t get the other:

UPDATE quest_template SET ExclusiveGroup=11586 WHERE Id=11585; UPDATE quest_template SET ExclusiveGroup=11586 WHERE Id=11586;[/sql]

So, anyone knows if this is supposed to be the right way or not? (Didn’t have the time to test it fully yet!).