[WIP] FreedomHead v2.0

Finally decided to start all over again with Wowhead for Private Servers

So what is done so far:

[li]New Wowhead like Design[/li] [li]Optimized Code[/li] [li]PDO vs DbSimple[/li] [li]Wowhead CSS Parser[/li] [li]Multilingual Engine (Still Using Smarty, but latest one, not 2.x)[/li] [li]F*ck JOINS, lets create VIEWS (so trying to get rid of 5 queries in one)[/li][/ol]
Not publishing source since there is nothing yet to publish tbh…

1264 files (863 is just wowhead images and css + some custom stuff, so Templates folder), the rest is just my own Engine + Smarty + Cache folder

If anyone really wants to help, feel free to write here, ill make private repo so we can work together on the project

And again, for the sake of my growing hatred to Russian people (im russian ffs), not gonna make it public coz these are people who just use stuff, not commenting about bugs or whatsoever…

If there is a chance to hide this post from Russian Auditory of forum, ill post public github link then

Here is the video btw


Give me a call on irc.rizon.net @ #trinity - this isn’t a dumb idea in fact (and no, i’m not russian, i’m norwegian…)

Ill do it tomorrow then @click.

Btw, been coding for 13 hours already, finished DBCTools + CSSParser.

All tools are written in PHP, so keep it in mind

You can play if you want:

https://mega.co.nz/#!NJtyQaxR!t4tmXWkNdHiJrKJW-8SSd3J4tRRccGRA2Lw3IKh2XXs - CSSParser

https://mega.co.nz/#!cdFkES5Q!_QhbU1RMR7WMPVxFnA18Zpu4GwTtJocQtRfc9VpOqDw - DBCTools