WIP: Hadronox (Azjol-Nerub)

Issues to consider that come to my mind, at the moment:

Movement problems - mobs falling through webs and so is Hadronox (or he falls and they follow - leading to a lot of bugs. /movement fix required here - which I doubt will happen soon, I spent a lot of time on movement stuff and couldn’t write a solution/.

* Crucial thing left to do is to add core support for such edged surfaces, so spiders won’t fall on web grab or combat start, Mmaps couldn’t handle it.

https://github.com/Trista/TrinityCore/commit/c0face3ac897c8e3290cf09e4f245780a20105c1 - main commit.

https://github.com/Trista/TrinityCore/commit/7ca179bc0c8233e54d3796ce2c7700594d4acd4a - lesser.

Here are the 2 commits containing changes. I have some exams and most likely won’t ever finish it, so if anyone feels like please do so. Perhaps there are a lot more stuff to polish, but I wouldn’t give less than 85-90% completed in overall.

Link is down.