[Wip] The Art Of Persuasion

This quest is already working, just needs some polish.

There are some spelling/typo issues in the imprisoned beryl sorcerer speaks - those are easy to fix:

tortue => torture, malygos => Malygos.

UPDATE `script_texts` SET `content_default` = "Noooo! This torture is inhumane! You have what you want... why don't you just kill me?" WHERE `entry`="-1571030"; UPDATE `script_texts` SET `content_default` = "Pathetic fool! A servant of Malygos would sooner die than aid an enemy..." WHERE `entry`= "-1571024";[/SQL]

But now for the parts I didn’t manage to fix:

He insists on literally calling you “$C” in 2 of the speaks, which should be translated to the player class (it’s used in lots of other NPC speaks, where I assume they work).

The [Neural Needler], item used for the “persuasion”, only shows cooldown the first time it’s used (if you hover the pointer over it, you can see the cooldown, but graphically it’s only shown once).

The Imprisoned Beryl Sorcerer, shouldn’t stand up as he does now, he should sit down. Source: http://old.wowhead.com/npc=25478 (he stands up in the middle of the chair, so he’s spawned the right place).

2x typofix, can be moved to tracker

Typo fixes moved to tracker: