[WIP] TrinityCore GeneratorTools

I am currently writing a tool which helps you create custom objects within your server database.

The tool is completely written in Java and uses three libraries.

In order to compile you need to get these libraries, and change some lines of code.

Maybe I’ll fork them on github and provide the modified versions.

I programmed it on a Desktop Pane (MDI) so you can have multiple edits / creates open at the same time.

But see for yourself:


You can find the sourcecode on github:


And the .jar including the libraries can be found here:



After un-7zipping the file, start GT.jar. It creates a folder named config and a file database.conf. Edit the file with your database information.

Using the TrinityCore tools extract the dbc files and copy the dbc folder to the folder where your GT.jar is.

Now start GT.jar again, it should start up and you can start working.

Have fun with it.

Remember: The tool is still work in progress and WILL be continued.

Last database updates installed are:

world: 2014_01_19_02_world_command.sql

characters: 2014_01_12_00_characters_guild.sql

auth: 2014_01_19_01_auth_rbac_permissions.sql

Implemented new Feature

--Memory Accessing–

The tool now accesses the clients memory and reads information about player position and target GUID.

The position data will be used in future for a waypointing tool.

The target GUID is used to load the creature template of the currently selected creature. (Maybe character data, too, anytime soon)

  • Fixed some minor bugs.

The tool is windows only if you keep the memory code!