Worldserver Crash, I'm out

Hello guys, I am desperate ! :cry: Since 3 days I’m trying to solve a random crash on my server, I’m on trinity 3.3.5 last source update with some custom script and I have some random crash without any log in the console or in DBError.txt, and it’s impossible to find the reason of this crashes. I just have this log after the crash :

Its not link to battleground because when I try to delete the battlegroundav, it give me nearly the same error but in another file. I don't know how to solve this problem, maybe its link to boost and i made mistake in the installation, i don't know.
Some people tell me to run in debug mode, but I don't even know what make crash so I can't.

You are my last chance ! Please help me its too hard for me :'( ! I love you !

release mode crashlogs are useless, compile on debug mode, also crashes belongs to tracker.

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